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Kuidas Teil meeldib selline uudis ?

Postitatud: 01 Juul 2019, 12:54
Postitas es3jm

Re: Kuidas Teil meeldib selline uudis ?

Postitatud: 08 Juul 2019, 00:15
Postitas Hunt
Ei meeldi üldse.
Kas ERAU ajab ikka sõrad vastu?

Re: Kuidas Teil meeldib selline uudis ?

Postitatud: 13 Juul 2019, 08:07
Postitas ES5NHC
Hoiatatakse isetegevuse eest, võib olla kontraproduktiivne. Parem lasta ERAÜ'l jt tegutseda:

http://www.arrl.org/news/restraint-urge ... n-proposal
In a post to the Moon-Net news group, Deutscher (German) Amateur Radio Club (DARC) Frequency Manager Bernd Mischlewski, DF2ZC, stressed the importance that Amateur Radio speak with a single voice and asked the Amateur Radio community to refrain from contacting individual administrations or the EU.

“This would weaken our position and take away power and vigor from the systematic approach by IARU and country Amateur Radio societies,” Mischlewski said. “This particularly applies [to] online petitions.” One frantic petition that’s collecting both signatures and donations calls on hams to “Stop the 2 Meter Band (144 – 146 MHz) being taken away from Radio Amateurs,” which is not what the draft French resolution would do.