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SDR-Micron DIY SDR projekt

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Device is based on the cheap modern Intel/Altera FPGA chip Cyclone® 10, 10CL010YE144C8G with price less then 10 dollars.
ADC - 14 bit ADS6142, ADS6143, ADS6144, ADS6145 or 12-bit ADS6122, ADS6123, ADS6124, ADS6125.
LNA - AD8099, attenuator 0 - 30 dB DAT-31 or compartibled.
USB chip - FTDI FT232HQ High Speed USB 2.0 connection, up to 60 MB/s
Clock generator is 5P49V5923, very cheap any freq clock source with a refference 10 MHz oscillator.
Output sample rate could be any in list: 48 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz, 240 kHz, 384 kHz, 480 kHz, 640 kHz, 768 kHz, 960 kHz, 1536 kHz
Additional board could be installed as second floor and contains 5 Band Pass Filters wich avoid an ADC be overdrived by strong out-of-band signals.
The frequencies of edges 0 - 2.5 MHz, 2.5 - 6.0 MHz, 6.0 - 12.5 MHz, 12.5 - 20.0 MHz, 20 - 30 MHz.

Lisaks on tal välja mõeldud R820T (1-2$) tüüneriga (kuni 1.8GHz) lisaplaat koos BPF'dega. ... 0,34073096
PCB(d) saad lasta teha siin 2$ (failid on github's) -

Sellel on ExtIO.dll
Konsoolideks sobib HDSDR, SDR Sharper, Zeus Radio

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Belka-DX-SC-Coast-Dockside-DX-2.jpeg (163.41 KiB) Vaadatud 138 korda

-Frequency range 1.5MHz - 31MHz
-Modulation modes CW, SSB LSB,NFM,AM1 and АМ2pseudo-synchronous.ALL MODE
-Frquency step 10, 20, 50, 100 Hz; 1, 5, 10, 50 kHz.
-Adjstuble bandwith, low and high skirts 2-4kHz; 50 - 300Hz.
-CW mode bandwith ~300 Hz; Adjustable CW pitch 500-1kHz.
-Receiver front-end is optimised for using telescopic antenna (800mm) in the range 1.5 - 31MHz.
-IQ output for viewing panorama on a computer
-Signal strength indicator (S-meter).
-Adjustable receiver sensitivity.
-Image rejection ~70dB.
-Timeout timer (TOT).
-Battery level indicator.
-Dial lock state indicator.
-Mode (modulation type) indicator.
-32 memory locations.
-Built in audio power amplifier, deisgned to work with external loud speaker with impedance 4-8 ohm.
-Charge and supply from micro USB port 5V.
-Built in battery LiPo 2200 mA
-Current consumption - around 80mA. Power consumption - 0.25mW with headphones.
-Battery life - 24 hours when on headphones.
-Built-in speaker (Optional) or kit for self-assembly by the user - will be available only for BELKA-DX version and will be available after 20.12.2020
Hind ~150EUR