Krivbass Cup 2015

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Krivbass Cup 2015

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Dear contesters,invited to take part in our competitions

of open regional contest on HF waves

“Krivbass Cup 2015”

Contest devoted to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the 71st anniversary of liberation of the city of Krivoy Rog and the 50th anniversary of the sports-technical radio club “Krivbass”.

The hosts of the contest are:

Krivoy Rog Regional Office of Radio Amateurs League

Krivoy Rog Radio-Technical School of the Company for Assisting the Defense of Ukraine

1. Aims and objectives:

1.1. Propaganda of radio sport, HF contesting and increasing of activity on HF bands.

1.2. Attracting the largest number of radio amateurs to create hardware for long-distance connections on HF bands.

1.3. Performing sporting standards and conditions of amateur diplomas.

1.4. Discovering the best amateurs.

1.5. Radio amateurs of Ukraine and other countries are invited to participate in the competition.

1.6. Judging of the competition is provided by the Chief Jury appointed by the Order of Krivoy Rog Radio-Technical School of the Company for Assisting the Defense of Ukraine

2. Contest periods,modes and bands:

2.1.This contest are held under steady-state or field conditions. For all amateur radio stations only one transmitter can be used in each of the ranges at the given time.

2.2.Competitions are held on the third Friday of February-in 2015 on February 20th, from 19.00 till 23.30 UTC on the bands 1.8 and 3.5MHz.

SSB tour - from 19.00 till 20.30 UTC

CW tour - from 20.30 till 22.00 UTC

RTTY tour - from 22.00 till 23.30 UTC

Each round consists of 3 mini-tours 30 minutes each. Duplicate contacts are allowed in each mini-tour on different bands.

2.3. Discrepancy of communication time in reports - no more than +/- 3 minutes, communication time in the reports - UTC.

2.4. Transitions from band to band are allowed not as often as in 5 minutes.

3. Categories:

A. Single operator two bands MIX (CW, SSB, RTTY), SO AB MIX.

B. Single operator two bands SSB, SO AB SSB.

C. Single operator two bands CW, SO AB CW.

D. Single operator two bands RTTY, SO AB RTTY.

E. Single operator 80m MIX, SOSB 80M MIX.

F. Single operator 80m SSB, SOSB 80M SSB.

G. Single operator 80m CW, SOSB 80M CW.

H. Single operator 80m RTTY, SOSB 80M RTTY.

I. Single operator 160m MIX, SOSB 160M MIX.

J. Single operator 160m SSB, SOSB 160M SSB.

K. Single operator 160m CW, SOSB 160M CW.

L. Single operator 160m RTTY, SOSB 160M RTTY.

M. Multy operators (collective radio stations) MIX, MO AB MIX.

N. School collective radio stations YC.

O. Report for control (CHECK LOG).

A participant may not be declared in several subcategories.

In case a participant worked in the competition with two or more types of modulation, and claims only one, then he needs to provide non-core logs for judging as CHECK LOG separately from the main log.

4. Exchange.

Ukrainian participants give the usual RST and the two-letter abbreviation of the region (Krivoy Rog - RST and the two-letter abbreviation for the district).

Foreign participants – give RST and a serial number of connection. Numeration of connections is transparent.


Multipliers are regions of Ukraine and administrative districts of Krivoy Rog on each band once in each round.

5. Scoring.

For connecting Krivoy Rog stations 2 points are awarded, connecting the rest of participants - one point. The amount of points is determined by multiplying the number of points for connection with the total number of multipliers.

6. Contest awards.

6.1. Winners of groups A and M will be awarded with cups and diplomas of the 1st degree.

6.2. Winners of other subcategories are awarded with medals and diplomas of the 1st degree.

6.3. Participants winning the 2nd and the 3rd prizes in the subcategories are awarded with corresponding medals and diplomas.

6.4. Sponsors are welcomed.

7. Logs.

7.1 Logs are accepted in electronic format Cabrillo. File as “mycall.cbr” for example (ut2ea.cbr). In this case you can use the following programs: 5MContest, Ucx Log, TACLOG, UA4NAL, N1MM and others.

7.2 In the line CATEGORY you must specify the category A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, which states your radio stations. Sending report marked CHECK LOG is allowed.

7.3 Paper reports will not be accepted.

7.4 Reports will be accepted until 23.59 UTC March 06th, 2015 ,send mail to:

For questions (not for submitting logs):

7.5 Sample of report








NAME: Zgoda Dina Philippovna, LSG, Year of Birth



ADDRESS: Ukraine

ADDRESS: 50098

ADDRESS: email:

OPERATORS: 1 .... 2 ..... 3 .....


QSO: 3622 PH 2010-02-19 UT0EO 1601 59 CG UT5EPP 59 CG

QSO: 1860 PH 2010-02-19 1623 UT0EO 59 CG UA4PN 59076

QSO: 3616 PH 2010-02-19 1629 UT0E0 59 CG UR4PWC 59 VO

QSO: 3527 CW 2010-02-19 1731 UT0E0 599 CG UA4CCG 599,001

QSO: 1830 CW 2010-02-19 1744 UT0EO 599 CG UX1IL 599 DO

QSO: 3525 CW 2010-02-19 1750 UT0EO 599 CG RZ6AW 599 201

QSO: 3588 RY 2010-02-19 1900 UT0EO 599 CG UT7EJ 599 DN

QSO: 1840 RY 2010-02-19 1920 UT0EO 599 CG EW7KF 599 001

QSO: 3588 RY 2010-02-19 UT0EO 1929 599 599 CG UY5HF HE


In line CATEGORY you must specify the category in which your radio station is stated SOAB MIX, SOSB 80M CW, MOAB MIX ... etc. Member, providing report for monitoring, marks this line as CHECK LOG.

In line NAME you must specify full name, sports category, year of birth.

Configuration of electronic journals software is similar to Ukrainian DX Contest. You only need to add abbreviations of Krivoy Rog districts given in the annex to the file Ukrainian.dom.

Annex. Abbreviations of Krivoy Rog districts.

CG – Central-City

DL - Dolgintsevskiy

DZ - Dzerzhinskiy

IN - Inguletskiy

KS - Krivoy Rog rural

SG - Saksaganskiy

TR - Ternovskoy

VT - Zhovtnevyi

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