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Liitunud: 10 Sept 2012, 19:32
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Sellise isendi ebays : Amplifier Research 15S4G8A Microwave Amplifier, 4 - 8 GHz, 15W
Kas tõesti maksab see asi nii palju ?
Pole just nendes asjades kõigeteravam pliiats aga ikkagi tundus ulme.
Ärge siis kohe peksa andke. :lol:
Aga kui keegi oskab lahti seletada miks see asi niipalju maksab, siis oleks uudisimu rahuldatud :?:

Panen siia lingi ja väikese tutvustuse ka.

Müügi hind Ebays on 24,750.00 $
Posti maks Eestisse 2,103.05 $


Ja kogu raha eest garantii ka veel :shock:

Selline lühitutvustus ka :

Amplifier Research 15S4G8A Microwave Amplifier, 4 - 8 GHz, 15W


The Amplifier Research 15S4G8A is a self-contained,
air-cooled, broadband amplifier designed for applications that require instantaneous bandwidth and high gain.
It is housed in a stylish cabinet and designed for benchtop use,
but can be removed for equipment rack mounting.

Features and Specifications of the Amplifier Research 15S4G8A Amplifier include:
◦Provides a minimum of 15 watts of RF power when used with a sweep generator
◦Front panel gain control provides convenience of setting desired output level
◦RF input leveling circuit:
◾Protects the amplifier from RF input overdrive
◾Controls RF input level to the RF amplifier first stage when RF input level is increased above 0 dBm
◦RF amplifier stages are protected from over-temperature, due to cooling blockage or fan failure, by removing the DC voltage to them
◦Digital Display on front panel indicates operate status and fault conditions when over-temperature or power supply fault occurs
◦Digital control for both local and remote control of the amplifier
◦Control System is a 16-bit RISC microcontroller board:
◾Handles primary functions of the amplifier
◾Interprets commands sent to it from an 8-bit remote interface board:
◾8-bit microprocessor controlled board provides IEEE-488 (GPIB) and RS-232 control of all amplifier functions
◦Expandable power technology provides upgradability
◦Rated output power: 15 watts minimum
◦Power output @ 3dB compression:
◾Nominal: 19 watts
◾Minimum: 16 watts
◦Power output @ 1dB compression:
◾Nominal: 16 watts
◾Minimum: 14 watts
◾typical: ±1.0 dB
◾maximum: ±2.0 dB
◦Frequency response: 4.0 – 8.0 GHz instantaneously
◦Input for rate output: 1.0 milliwatt maximum, 0 dBm
◦Gain (at maximum setting): 42 dB minimum
◦Gain adjustment (continuous range): 10 dB minimum
◦Input impedance: 50 ohms, VSWR 2.5:1 maximum
◦Output impedance: 50 ohms nominal
◦Mismatch tolerance:
◾100% of rated power without foldback
◾Will operate without damage or oscillation with any magnitude and phase of source and load impedance
◦Modulation capability: Will faithfully reproduce AM, FM, or pulse modulation appearing on the input signal
◦Harmonic distortion: Minus 20 dBc maximum at 15 watts
◦Third order intercept point: 51 dBm typical
◦Noise figure: 10 dB typical
◦Primary power (selected automatically):
◾90-132, 180-264 VAC
◾50/60 Hz, single phase

◾Input: Type N female on front panel
◾Output: Type N female on front panel
◾Remote Interfaces:
◾IEEE-488: 24 pin
◾RS-232: 9 pin subminiature D (female)
◾RS-232 (Fiber-optic): Type ST
◾USB 2.0: Type B
◾Ethernet: RJ-45
◦Safety Interlock: 15 pin subminiature D
◦Cooling: Forced air (self contained fans)

*All of our equipment has been tested. Additional Calibration may be available upon request!

~Item sold with shown accessories, a power cord and manual on CD (when available)~

Warranty Info & Return Policy We strive to exceed our customer's expectations and maintain 100% Positive Feedback.

And although we do not use eBay's automated Return Policy,
all goods or equipment sold by AxiomTest include a 30-Day Warranty which starts the day the equipment is shipped.
So contact us immediately if there is a discrepancy with your order or an equipment malfunction so we can issue a repair,
replacement, or refund.

Returns must be shipped with all original packaging and accessories.
We will not accept any items with obvious signs of additional wear and tear or internal component alterations.
All of our items will ship with “Warranty Void” tamper resistant stickers.
If any stickers have been removed or tampered with your refund will be canceled.
Please include your RMA # on the packing slip, way bill, or package.


Payment Options Domestic Buyers - PayPal, Wire Transfer, Money Order, Company, Bank, or Personal Check.
International Buyers: PayPal or Wire transfer only. All funds must be in US Dollars.

Unsecured funds must clear prior to shipment. Wire Transfers subject to a $25 service fee.

Unless noted otherwise, all shipments are done through FedEx.
If you would like to utilize your own shipping account please notify us PRIOR to checkout.
Saturday and Residential delivery may be available at an additional third party charge depending on the shipping method you choose.

We offer shipping outside of the United States.
However, some international laws prohibit us from shipping certain items to certain countries.
Additionally, not all countries are supported by our service provider. You may also elect to use your own carrier,
but we'll be responsible for providing the correct documentation and scheduling the pickup. We are not set up to ship via USPS,
and we will NOT falsify any import documents for international orders - no exceptions.

Please note: In all sales where an item is prohibited to ship internationally to a successful buyer,
that buyer will be notified of non-shipment and a full refund will be made.
We reserve the right not to ship any item internationally that is controlled by the US Department of Commerce’s laws and
regulations and deemed non-shippable to that region of the world or to listed individuals.

eBay's International Shipping calculations do not include any additional duties, fees,
or VAT that may be associated with importing this item into a foreign country - please bid accordingly

Sales Tax California residents will be charged sales tax if no resale or tax exempt form is submitted prior to payment.

ES2PW, 304AAM Matu Laagrist . Kõigile kõige paremat 73.

PostitusPostitatud: 12 Aug 2016, 23:42 
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Liitunud: 20 Veebr 2010, 19:06
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Asukoht: KO29IJ
Tegu on laborivõimendiga või siis arusaadavamalt väljendades - laboris kasutamiseks mõeldud täppismõõteriistaga.
Sagedusala mängib ka rolli,kuid peamine on siiski otstarve - läänes maksavad korralikud laboripillid ikka omajagu.
Lisa sinna juurde veel korralikud liidesed andmevahetuse korraldamiseks mõõtesüsteemis GPIB (IEEE-488), fiiberoptiline
järjestikport jne ja hind ei tulegi enam ulme. Samas on see vananenud mudel ja on pandud veel odavama hinnaga müüki ka.

http://www.axiomtest.com/Amplifiers-_-R ... -GHz,-15W/

PostitusPostitatud: 13 Aug 2016, 11:08 

Liitunud: 10 Sept 2012, 19:32
Postitusi: 112
Tänud asjaliku seletuse eest!

ES2PW, 304AAM Matu Laagrist . Kõigile kõige paremat 73.

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