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Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!
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Autor:  x-f [ 22 Aug 2014, 22:23 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!

Good evening!

Another balloon alert after a while.
On its third "orbit" around the world, tomorrow evening/night B-64 will fly over Latvia and Estonia.

434.500 MHz USB - Contestia 64/1000, beeps every 3 seconds, two telemetry sentences (enable RSID/RxID to make it easier)
144.8 MHz - APRS, M0XER-4

B-64 was launched by Leo Bodnar, M0XER, from the United Kingdom on July 12th, since then it has completed two laps around the world. Right now it is over Silverstone, its launch site. It will come into our receiving range around 7-8 pm tomorrow (August 23rd).
On its second circumnavigation it went from Canada to the North Pole and passed it at approximately just 12 km distance, then went back to Iceland.
It stores five days worth of history in its memory, and retransmits it as compressed APRS comment, which can then be glued together and decoded, to find out where it has been when it was out of range.
This is one of the three balloons that have traveled around the world recently, but those other balloons (B-63 and B-66) are MIA right now.

Map: http://spacenear.us/tracker/flyb.php?filter=B-64 or http://habitat.habhub.org/mobile-tracker/?filter=B-64
Prediction: http://i.imgur.com/4ytlntA.gif

If you have any questions or just curious about anything HAB-related, come join us on #highaltitude on Freenode IRC for a chat!

Autor:  x-f [ 29 Aug 2014, 15:57 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Balloon launch announcement - LAASE-3 - Sunday, 31 Aug, Latv

We're planning a HAB launch this Sunday from Latvia. It will be a regular up-and-down flight.
Launch will be around 11:00 EEST / 08:00 UTC.

There will be three trackers.
RASA (dew) - RPi transmitting SSDV over 300 baud RTTY on 434.650 MHz USB.
LAASE and LAASE-B (blob, driblet) - backup trackers, 50 baud RTTY, 434.073 & 434.600 MHz USB.
Transmitters may experience some drift with the temperature changes.

This is a joint launch with the local observatory folks, they have provided some science payload.

Max altitude is expected around 31 km, should be above horizon in parts of countries around the Baltic sea. (Projected radio horizon for 5, 15 and 30 km – http://i.imgur.com/lRukOSi.png)
All trackers, local and abroad, will be greatly appreciated! :)

If all goes well, we'll be live streaming from the launch site.

Best regards,
Kristaps / x-f

Autor:  x-f [ 30 Aug 2014, 20:39 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Balloon launch announcement - LAASE-3 - Sunday, 31 Aug, Latv

Map: http://spacenear.us/tracker/?filter=RASA;LAASE*;x-f
Map, works on mobile devices, too: http://habhub.org/mt/?filter=RASA;LAASE*;x-f
SSDV pictures: http://ssdv.habhub.org/RASA
(There's nothing yet.)

For 300 baud RTTY you will need to increase the "receive filter bandwidth" in RTTY's settings, it won't decode with the default value.
Right-click on the lower left corner of the dl-fldigi program and adjust to 300-400.

You can see your own received SSDV pictures under View -> SSDV RX.

If you feel you can't receive 300 baud telemetry and pictures, there will be two backup 50 baud trackers, we'll need the data from them too. If you can manage listening to all three, it will be the best. :)

If we will stream from the launchsite, it will be on Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjvsM3m2xGY

As always, don't hesitate to join #highaltitude on Freenode IRC for updates and just a general chat.

Autor:  ES5NHC [ 31 Aug 2014, 09:51 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!

x-f antud lingil RASAt ning LAASET näha ei ole. Aga siin on. http://spacenear.us/tracker/

Start on varsti, kõrvad kikki!

Autor:  ES5NHC [ 31 Aug 2014, 17:38 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!

Käis õhus ära, oli ka Lagujas kuulda, ja maandus metsa. Nüüd kulub ära saagimisoskustega professioonalne alpinist. - https://twitter.com/StarSpaceLV

Väike helinäide kah - just sellel ajal pall lõhkes. Sellele järgnev saatja laskumine annab signaalis mõista QSB näol.

Autor:  Kaarel [ 31 Aug 2014, 19:44 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!

Kuulsin läänemaal(KO18WX) ka teise korruse aknast 7-el yagiga kuni kukkus 10 km kanti,siis jäi liiga nõrgaks.

Autor:  x-f [ 01 Sept 2014, 16:23 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!

Many thanks to those who listened to our trackers and sent the telemetry along with SSDV pictures to the main server – ES8TJM, ES5NHC and ES2KO!
Our signals yesterday seemed more challenging and unstable than we wanted to..

Launch went pretty much as planned and actually on time for a change, that was the easiest part. We saw the balloon ascending to 5-6 km altitude, when we had to finally start moving.
Chase was as usual (for us) - occasionally without the internets, getting lost a bit, choosing the wrong roads etc. But it was fun anyway.
Recovery wasnt't as easy as on our previous launches. Payload train landed in a very high tree (sigh) in a swampy forest (sigh) in a very remote area (sigh). Only the parachute can be seen from the ground. We haven't abandoned hope, though, recovery is still in process.

RASA was a RaspberryPi with PiCam, Radiometrix NTX2 transmitter and Ublox GPS module, powered by 4xAA. It took full-sized photos, occasionally some videos, too, while transmitting telemetry and smaller SSDV pictures. When we'll get it back, perhaps it will help explain why part of the pictures were tinted green, maybe there is some pattern.

LAASE-B was an Arduino Pro clone with HopeRF RFM22B transmitter and Ublox GPS module, LiPo battery, packed in a small styrofoam box, cheap and lightish (90g).

LAASE was a tracker that has flown on our two previous launches - Seeeduino Stalker (Arduino-based) with NTX2 and Ublox GPS, we included it as a backup's backup, if all else fails.
Transmitting power for all three was 10 mW as per ISM band rules.

Thanks again, guys!

Autor:  x-f [ 09 Apr 2015, 11:04 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!

Hello, again!

Looks like there will be a balloon launch from Latvia tomorrow morning (Friday, April 10). It will be done by Ventspils University College, I'm not involved with them, just passing the information I know, if anybody is able to help them with the tracking as it will be on a workday.

Launch time: 9:00-10:00 (local time)
Launch site: Ventspils Airport (KO07sj)

Callsign: IRBE-1 (Infra-Red Balloon Experiment-1)
434.276 MHz, USB
RTTY, 50 baud
425 Hz shift
ASCII 8 bits, no parity, 2 stop bits

Telemetry in standard UKHAS format.
Use dl-fldigi to decode it - http://ukhas.org.uk/projects:dl-fldigi
Configuration guide - http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:tracking_guide

Predicted flight trajectory, expected burst altitude around 25 km:

Hopefully somebody of their team will post the current status in the UKHAS chatroom, so we would know if and when the balloon is airborne.

You are very welcome to join it - #highaltitude on Freenode network - http://ukhas.org.uk/ukhas:irc_channel
No need to talk if you don't want to, you're free to just idle there. :)

Autor:  ES5NHC [ 09 Apr 2015, 13:58 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!

Thanks for the heads-up, will keep ears open.

Autor:  ES5TF [ 23 Apr 2015, 19:40 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!

Reedel, 24. aprillil 2015 orienteeruvalt kell 14:30 meie aja järgi (11:30 UTC), lasevad tudengid ja kooliõpilased Tartu Ülikooli Füüsika instituudi (WWL lokaator KO38ii) juurest lendu õhupalli. Loodetavasti jõuab pall ca 30 kilomeetri kõrgusele ning edastab tõusu ja alla tulemise ajal telemeetriat. Kogu lennu pikkus peaks olema ca 2-3 tundi. Orienteeruvalt kukub õhupall alla Pihkva lähistel. Lendu saab reaalajas jälgida lehelt: http://spacenear.us/tracker/

Õhupall on varustatud 70cm ISM-lainealas saatva raadiosaatja ning mitme sensoriga.
Signaali saatmisel kasutatavad parameetrid on sarnased x-f kirjeldatud Läti õhupallide omadele:
Lennu nimi: Ilmapall
Sagedus: 434.075 MHz (tõenäoliselt triivib mõned kilohertsid siia-sinna temperatuuri muutudes)
Tööliik: RTTY
Kiirus: 50 baud
Nihe: 425 Hz
7 bitti sümboli kohta, paarsus puudub, 2 stopp-bitti.

Vastuvõtuks sobivad kõik raadiovastuvõtu seadmed, millel on SSB vastuvõtu võimekus. Kõige lihtsam oleks seda teha vast mingisuguse väikese SDR-ipulgaga.
Sobivaks tarkvaraks on dl-fldigi: https://ukhas.org.uk/projects:dl-fldigi, sellel lingil on toodud ka õpetus õhupallide signaalide vastuvõtuks ning automaatseks edastamiseks lendude andmebaasi.

Head õhupallijahti!

In Friday, 24. of April about 11:30 UTC, a high altitude balloon will be launched by university and highschool students at Institute of Physics at Tartu University (WWL locator KO38ii). Whole flight should last about 2-3 hours and the payload of the balloon should land close to town Pskov in Russia. Flight of the balloon can be followed in real time using tracker web site: http://spacenear.us/tracker/

Signal parameters are following:
Name of the flight: Ilmapall
Frequency: 434.075 MHz (most probably it will drift few kHz because of changing temperature)
Mode: RTTY
Speed: 50 baud
Shifts: 425 Hz
7 bits per symbol, no parity, 2 stop-bits.

The signal from balloon can be received using any receiver that supports SSB mode.
The most appropriate software to decode signal from balloon is a program called dl-fldigi: https://ukhas.org.uk/projects:dl-fldigi.

Happy balloon tracking!

Autor:  es5qa [ 24 Apr 2015, 16:58 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!

Tere kõik see mees kes jälgisid õhupalli . Mis temaga juhtus kas "maa õhk " rakett tabas teda ??? vene territooriumil ? HI

Autor:  priit andevei [ 24 Apr 2015, 19:14 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!

es5qa kirjutas:
Tere kõik see mees kes jälgisid õhupalli . Mis temaga juhtus kas "maa õhk " rakett tabas teda ??? vene territooriumil ? HI

Issanda teed ja atmosfääri õhuvoolud on tundmata,tegi teine ju kena jänesehaagi küll,kuid ilmselt leidis lõpu Lämmijärve VF osas.Minulkadus ta eetrist 14.13 UTC.Millal sinul,Valeri?

Priit, ES1MM

Autor:  StratosChem [ 21 Mai 2015, 11:32 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!

Laupäeval, 23. mail 2015 saadavad Viljandi noored stratosfääri poole õhupalli, mis kannab kaasas endaga maailma esimest teadusteatrites populaarset katset Elevandi Hambapasta.

Start toimub orienteeruvalt kell 12.00 (09:00 UTC) (tuule suuna muutumisel võib nihkuda palli stardiaeg 10.00-13.00 vahel) Viljandi lähistelt Kikka Golfiplatsilt (58.397193 25.640477 / https://goo.gl/puFvry). Palli eesmärk on jõuda umbes 34000m kõrgusele ning sooritada katse umbes 30000m kõrgusele jõudes. Lennu pikkus peaks jääma ajavahemikku 2-3 tundi ning hetkel on orienteeruv maandumispaik Kirde-Eestis (Viimane ennustus: http://puu.sh/hUz1N/082a71a02c.png)

Kogu lennu aja edastab õhupalli konteiner telemeetria-informatsiooni ning õhupalli kaardil on võimalik näha veebilehelt http://stratoschem.eu ning http://tracker.habhub.org.

Õhupallilt saadetavat infot dešifreerib hästi rakendus Dl-Fldigi (HAB mode) - https://ukhas.org.uk/projects:dl-fldigi (sealt lingilt võib leida nii õpetuse signaali vastuvõtuks kui ka automaatse veebi edastuse süsteemi selgitused):

Lend peaks olema kuvatud ka käimasolevate lendude „Flights“ sektsioonis kui käivitate rakenduse.
Lennu nimi: SCHEM
Sagedus: 434.075 MHz (Juba testimise käigus saime ise signaali ~434.083 MHz juures, seega tasub triivivat signaali otsida veidikene enne allaandmist)
RTTY, 50 baud rate, 600 Hz shift (võib veidikene muutuda, nagu testimine näitas)
8 bitti sümboli kohta, paarsus puudub, 2 stopp-bitti.

Loodame siiralt teie abile, et saaksime oma konteineri tagasi koju ning maailmarekordi tõendusmaterjalid kätte, head jahti!

Kui tükki küljest ei võta, võib märku anda ka meile, kes püüdmas on, et oleks endal turvaline tunne - Ida-Virumaal oleks hädasti vaja abilisi kuna paistab, et payload maandub sinna.

Autor:  StratosChem [ 21 Mai 2015, 23:38 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Õhupallid Euroopast - kõrvad lahti!

Inglisekeelne versioon - palun levitada Soome, Läti ja Venemaa amatööride seas, ehk tulevad ka appi!

On Saturday, the 23-rd of May, a balloon heading towards the stratosphere will be launched by the youth of Viljandi. The balloon has a payload containing the popular science theatre experiment Elephant’s Toothpaste. The balloon is scheduled to be launched on midday (09:00 UTC) from the Kikka golf course near Viljandi (58.397193 25.640477 / https://goo.gl/puFvry).
The exact time of launch may change depending on the wind direction, the estimated time window for this will be around 10:00-13:00 local time).
The aim of the balloon is to reach an altitude of about 34000m and conduct the experiment at an altitude of around 30000m. The duration of the flight will be around 2-3 hours and the current estimated landing site is somewhere in the North-Eastern region of Estonia (http://puu.sh/hUz1N/082a71a02c.png).
Throughout the entire fright, telemetric information will be broadcasted by the balloon’s container. It will be visible from StratosChem’s homepage at http://stratoschem.eu and also at http://tracker.habhub.org .
The task of dechyphering the broadcasted information will be managed by the DI-Fldigi (HAB mode) application (go to https://ukhas.org.uk/projects:dl-fldigi to learn more about receiving signals and automatically broadcasting them to the web). The flight will be listed as an ongoing flight in the “Flights” section of the webpage when you launch the application.
Flight name: SCHEM
Frequency: 434.075 MHz (during our testing we received it at ~434.083 MHz, so expect to spend a little time fine tuning when attempting to catch the drifting signal).
RTTY, 50 baud rate, 600Hz shift (testing has proven this may vary a little), 8 bits per symbol, without parity, two stop-bits.

We sincerely hope that we can count on Your help to help us get our container back home to receive proof of our World record setting experiment! Happy hunting!

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