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Autor:  es2act [ 20 Juun 2011, 20:57 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

ES2TL kirjutas:
QSO confirmed on HRDLOG.net

Ei-ei, asi pole confirmises ...
Mul on: My logbook > Search QSO all 9 QSL kaarti - osad kaardid tegelastelt kellelt pole ma saanud eQsl'i ega midagi. + veel ilma pildita kaarte omajagu.
Kui nüüd QSL peale vajutada, saadetakse need kohe printerisse saatma - värviliselt ja puha :D

Autor:  ES2TL [ 20 Juun 2011, 21:04 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

Oi püha müristus, mul on neid paras posu. Ilmselt käib see värk kuidagi automaatselt nende vahel, kel HRDLOG.net account on. Peab jah uurima, mis värk on.

Autor:  es2act [ 25 Juun 2011, 21:31 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

es2act kirjutas:
Leidsin, et HRDLOG.net'is on mind ootamas terve hunnik QSL kaarte. Ilusad ja trüki valmis ... (OK, :lol: natuke vaimu-vaesed, ehk by default kujundusega - ES omad)

ES2TL kirjutas:
Peab jah uurima, mis värk on.

Kujundust saab muuta oma profiili all Modify profile -> QSL Deluxe.

Hommikul käis "pauk" ja arvuti enam ei käivitu ... Nüüd hakkan HRDLOG.net abil oma Loogbooki taastama, vaatan kas õnnestub. :D

Autor:  es2act [ 25 Juun 2011, 21:39 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

... ja 5 min.
HRDLOG.net > Secure Backup saadab e-mailile koopia *.adi formaadis.
Uues arvutid HRD download ja käivitus ning logbook import :D

:!: Hoidke siis kõiki elektroonsid loogbook'e ka tagavaraks.
Mul peaks olema kõik loogbookid (mitte ainult DXCC mis ka HRDLOG.net'is) dubleeritud kahel kõvakettal - aga ühes mitte käivituvas arvutis :D

Autor:  ES2TL [ 13 Sept 2011, 11:36 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

Kas kellelgi on värskeimat UCSDB faili?
http://logbook.ham-radio-deluxe.com/Dow ... fault.aspx alt seda enam ei saa ja mujalt ei ole ka leidnud.

Autor:  ES2TL [ 04 Okt 2011, 17:45 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

Millalgi lakkas töötamast qrz.commis HRDLOG.net skript, mis võimaldas online logiraamatus teha kuntsungi osas päringut :(
Äkki keegi teab sellest midagi täpsemalt või oskab seda parandada?? Või on kala HRDLOG.netis eneses?

<!-- HRDLOG.net script start -->
<div id="hrdlog-oa"> </div>
<div id="hrdlog">www.hrdlog.net</div>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="http://www.hrdlog.net/hrdlog.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
var ohrdlog = new HrdLog('ES2TL');
setInterval('ohrdlog.LoadOnAir()', 15000);
<!-- HRDLOG.net script stop -->

Autor:  ES2TL [ 01 Jaan 2012, 17:48 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

Värskeimad HRD UCSDB ja Country failid:

Autor:  ES2TL [ 01 Veebr 2012, 18:16 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

Täna tuli pisike üllatus ja tähelepanuavaldus ka hrdlog.net poolt:

info@hrdlog.net <info@hrdlog.net>

Just reached 239 countries worked!

HRDLOG.net is hosted in a commercial data center.
Support the costs and the future development!

Oma rehknu näitab küll 242 DXCC-d :D

Autor:  ES2TL [ 18 Veebr 2012, 22:09 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

HRDLOG.net Major news (Jan 2012) - Index

Entities Page
Quick links
Instant QSL
Dropbox integration
Entities Page

Next to the "QSO map" page, it has been located a new page called "Entities", from which it is possible to see the list of the countries we worked on.
The visualization occurs through a list of flags, an image presenting the number of countries confirmed and a graph from which you can see the progression during time of the countries in which we worked.
The last 2 representations can be uses also in external web sites (for example the own web-sites or QRZ.com).
As you can do for the "QSO map" page, you can deactivate this page from the Login page -> Privacy.

Quick links

From the new page "Quick links", it is possible to visualize the list of links useful in external web-sites (for example the own web-site or on QRZ.com)
To access the page, it is necessary to log in with your own username.

Instant QSL

On the page "Quick link", it can be find an advice regarding the insertion of a macro in DM780. By inserting this macro in the 73 message, it is given the possibility for our receiver to see his/her electronic QSL practically in real time (at the saving of QSO).

Many thanks for the QSO
Your instant QSL on http://iqsl.hrdlog.net/<his:callsign>
My paper QSL card is sure via ...
The best 73, ..

As described in the message, this iQSL doesn’t want to substitute the traditional transmission system but it just would like to make our conversation more kind.
The name Instant QSL (iQSL) substitutes the previous "QSL Deluxe".

Dropbox integration

The experiment on the integration with Dropbox has started.
Dropbox is a virtual box which makes available for you 2GB of disk space accessible from every PC and mobile devices.
As soon as this first step will be completed, it will be possible to activate a daily copy of your own logbook in a Dropbox folder, increasing in that way the availability and security of your data.
By doing this experiment, the backup and restore voices have been reorganized and put under the menu "Backup and restore".

The HRDLOG.net Team

Autor:  ES2TL [ 25 Veebr 2012, 17:58 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

HRD v. 5.1 nüüd valmis:
Mis uut võrreles 5.0 beta 2893

Autor:  ES2TL [ 09 Juun 2012, 21:37 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

List of the most important news on HRDLOG.net (April-May 2012)

Email alias

Now there is the opportunity to create an e-mail alias on HRDLOG.net.
The alias allows anyone to send a message to you without knowing your real e-mail address. For example, if you send an email to iw1qlh @ hrdlog.net , the email will be automatically forwarded to the real mail inbox even if the sender is not required to know it.
This function can be useful if you want an e-mail address easy to remember (callsign @ hrdlog.net) or if you don’t want to let your real address be known or if you want an address which doesn’t change during the time.
To activate the function Login -> Modify profile -> Mail alias.


The integration with the social network Facebbok has been completely updated.
Now, once you have activated the link between HRDLOG.net and Facebook, it is possible:

To use an application on Facebook in order to see your own QSO and the ones of your friends;
To allow the view of your own logbook on a Facebook page;
To publish automatically the number of countries working in on your own Facebook home page.
The complete instructions are available at the following address: http://www.hrdlog.net/docs/Facebook.aspx


HRDLOG.net is enriched with a web-site reachable at the following address: http://wiki.hrdlog.net
Through this site, which is similar to WikiPedia, it is possible to make available for the community your own radio experiences (electronic,experiments, etc).
So if you are an amateur radio or an electronics enthusiast, remember to share your knowledge and experience on WikiHamRadio.

Other news

Possibility for the web site to remember your last login and not to ask again your password(Keep me logged in)
It has been optimized the update of the ViewLogbook.aspx page,which now is able to visualize also the hour of the last changes to the logbook and the program used.
We are preparing HRDLabel version 6, which will allow to print the QSL just drawing the data directly from HRDLOG.net.

mail alias testitud ja töötab :)

Autor:  ES2TL [ 11 Sept 2012, 08:14 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

HRDLOG.net lisas päris kasuliku uuenduse -logiraamatu printimine või ka salvestamine pdf formaati.
Print logbook
This function allows to print your own logbook. It requires just to select the year from which the print has to start and you will get your logbook in PDF format, easily loadable or printable.
It is reachable from Login -> Print -> Logbook

Lisatud on tugi ka teiste logiprogrammidele.
The integration with other applications is still on going. The integration with Log4OM, Winlog32 and youLOG are already added or still on test.
The HRDLabel version 6 is now able to print the QSL taking the data directly from HRDLOG.net and from EnzoLog.

Autor:  ES2TL [ 29 Nov 2012, 19:39 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

Leidsin HRDLOG.net -st huvitava statistika kokkuvõtte "entities":

Autor:  ES2TL [ 01 Dets 2012, 16:15 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

HRDLOG.net uusised, uuendused:
List of main news on HRDLOG.net (September-November 2012)

Station history

This interesting section allows the users to insert the list of the devices present in the station. The data are, then, visible on HRDLOG.net or on external web sites, such as the personal web site or QRZ.com pages. In addition to the insertion of own devices, it is also possible to comment the features, offer for sale or search for other devices.
To access, Login -> Equipment

Integration with Google Drive™

It has been added the possibility to backup periodically our logbook on Google Drive.
Google offers the chance to memorize documents, pictures and videos on a free space.
To activate this function: Login -> Backup & Restore -> Google Drive
We remind to you that from some months it is possible to activate the backup also on Dropbox and Windows Azure

Change of saving frequency Dropbox and Google Drive

The copies of your logbook on Dropbox and Google Drive are now executed every week.
In case of variations to logbook, the saving time drops off to one hour.

Callsign plate

It has been added a new visible "Callsign plate" at the address http://www.hrdlog.net/callplate.aspx?user=IW1QLH.
The new layout has been really appreciated through Facebook comments and it allows to see ARRL Prefix, the number of the contacted countries and the numbers of confirmed countries.
We remind you that at the page Login -> Quick Links, it is possible to visualize a wide range of graphics elements linked to your logbook, that can be used to make personal web site or QRZ.com page more attractive.

Server virtualization

All the servers have been recreated on a cloud infrastructure. The new datacenter makes available more performing servers, faster and safer disk units (the data are redundant on a SAN which uses RAID 10) and a wider link to the network.
It has been installed a new mail server and some bugs concerning the function which allows to have a mail address on hrdlog.net have been fixed ( Login -> Modify profile -> Mail alias)


QARTest is a program specialized in contest. In this program it has been added a new type of communication (UDP) towards the HRDLOG.net server and it is not more necessary to use the utility "UDP Bridge".

We remind you that HRDLOG.net is a completely independent web site and it is absolutely free. Who would like to contribute can make a voluntary donation.

Autor:  pauhh [ 26 Dets 2012, 15:26 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: HRD & HRDLOG.net

Mõned küsimused: sisestades HRD logbooki uue kutsungi siis ühes arvutis kuvab nime ja teises mitte ja millegipärast ei lae automaatselt HRDlog.net automaatselt tehtud sidet üles, pean käsitsi lisama?

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